Pantzer - Safes & Vaults

Servicing and Maintenance of security infrastructure

Supply and maintenance of a wide range of safes and Cat 3,4 and 5 vaults for the Banking, retail, and mining industry.

Services offered

  • Transport and relocation of safes and vaults
  • Locksmith
  • KABA locks, S+G locks
  • Refurbishing and modification of security assets
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Safe and vaults rentals
  • Risk surveys and assessments
  • Security project management

Expert field Services

  • Treasury safes ( Cat 3 to 5)
  • Drop safes (Cat 1 to 5)
  • Drop and double door safes
  • Cash deposit devices
  • Under counter safes
  • Rifle, gun, and ammunition safes

Software solutions and intelligent locks

Pantzer developed a software audit solution and intelligent lock with the assistance of business partners, where clients can create a full audit trail of deposits done, monitor the opening and closing times of safes, all done from a dedicated cell phone. This solution has application benefits in the medical industry, logistical sector, and the management of valuable asset protection.


About us

We Are A Full Service Locksmith Shop

Pantzer Safes was founded in 2007 as a vault and safes installer and moving experts. We focusing on the servicing and maintenance of security infrastructure.  Pantzer is a preferred supplier in the security, banking, retail, and mining industry of safes and vaults.


We strive to find new security solutions for clients in an ever-changing business environment. Pantzer handled various installation projects throughout South Africa as well as in countries like Botswana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Mozambique, and the Middle East.

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Our Services

Protect Your Life and Your Business Assets at a Very Reasonable Rate

CCTV Camera Systems

Keep your finger on the pulse no matter where you are. Install CCTV cameras that provide you with high-resolution detail and accurate imaging at any time of the day.

Safe Rental

Our top-of-the-line rental equipment sets us apart from our competitors. If your rental safe needs to be transported, from large gun safes to small fireproof safes, our security technicians will maneuver it to your temporary location, along with installation and pick-up.

Vaults and Safes

Vault and Safe Services stocks, supplies and installs a wide range of safes and vaults. From basic wall safes to large safes and vaults, we have a solution for your requirements.

Access Control Systems

Is the safety of your staff, valuables, and data at risk? Access control reliably denies access to uninvited visitors and only permits authorised persons to pass through. Now you can control: who enters your property, when, and where.


Our team of 24 hour locksmiths have been through years of training and are experienced to handle any lock issue they may face. We pride ourselves to be up to date with the latest lock picking tools and technologies.

Biometrics Access Control

Simplify your access control system by eliminating the use of keycards or key fobs. Biometric access control systems use modern technology to check fingerprints, perform facial recognition and iris scans.

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